2012 saw the release of two new albums- “Seventh Daze” from the band Kwartet with Tim Whitehead and “Home Thoughts” from Michael Garrick’s Lyric Ensemble featuring singer Nette Robinson.

“Forlana” from the Avalon Trio was released May 2011 on Marquetry Records. Features Tony, Pete Churchill (piano), Rob Millett (percussion). Improvisations on works by Vaughan Williams, Finzi, Delius.

To order Forlana CD visit Marquetry Records

.To download Forlana visit bandcamp.

The latest TWP CD, ‘Wind Shadows’ (2009), is released on the 33 Records label. The line up is Tony Woods – saxophones, wood flute, alto clarinet and hulusi; Rob Millett – vibes, marimba and gongs; Mike Outram – guitar; Andy Hamill – double bass and harmonica; and Milo Fell – drums and percussion.

The CD was recorded and mixed by Rob Millett and this allowed us to really capture the sound and character of the band.

Also available from the TWP are

 ‘Lowlands’ (2004) on Basho Records. Featuring: Tony Woods – saxophones, flutes; Robert Millet – vibraphone, marimba and dulcimer; Andy Hamill – double bass; Mike Outram – electric and acoustic guitars; and Milo Fell – drums and percussion.

The album features melodic, folk inspired, quirky and uplifting compositions from Tony and exciting solos from the whole band. One feature of the music is the way collective improvisations (reminiscent of early forms of jazz where the instrumentalists weaved their lines around each other) are incorporated into bigger structures.

‘High Seas’ (1997) on FMR. Featuring: Tony Woods – saxophones, wood flute; Robert Millett vibraphone, marimba; Andy Hamill – double bass; Mark Johns – guitars; and Gary Willcox – drums.

“Fresh, lively interesting, and well worth checking out” – Jazz UK Magazine

“It is good to hear jazz that succeeds in being individualistic and draws on a range of ‘non-American’ forms and styles with skill, imagination and elan. That Woods’ album achieves this without sounding like an ECM session shows some class.”  Duncan Heining (Avant Magazine)



High Seas (1997)

Lowlands (2004)

Wind Shadows (2009)

The Little Big Band Plays (2010)

Forlana (2011)

Seventh Daze (2012)

Home Thoughts (2012)

All the albums are also available online from

All CDs can be ordered directly from Tony. Send an e-mail to – to place an order.

To listen to our music please click on the MySpace link or go to Listen


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