GIGS 2019- for more details phone 07979 805454


1st: Chet Baker Tribute Concert @ RHACC, Richmond

3rd: TWP @ Wakefield Jazz –

May 4: TWP @Verdict Jazz Club, Brighton. Concert.

May 9: TWP @ Thamesmead School, Shepperton. Workshop/Concert. 2.30-4.30 pm

May 21: TWP @ St. James Catholic Primary School, Twickenham. Workshop/Concert.

May 22: TWP @ Bull’s Head, Barnes. Concert


June 3: TWP @ Village Centre, Englefield Green. Workshop/Concert. 7.30 – 10.30 pm.

June 7: TWP @ Bracknell Jazz, South Hill Park A/C. Concert.

June 13: TWP @ Sound Cellar, Poole. Concert. BBC RECORDING FOR JAZZ NOW.

June 23: TWP @ Oval, Croydon. Concert. 1.00 pm.


July 7: TWP @ Ashburton A/C. Concert.

July 8: TWP @ North Devon Jazz Club, Appledore. Concert.


September 1: TWP @ Colchester A/C. Concert.

September 21: TWP @ ACS School, Cobham. Workshop


October 5: TWP @ RHS Workshop afternoon? RHYC, Woolverstone.  Concert

October 6: TWP @ Milestones Jazz Club, Lowestoft. Concert





















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